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Every journey begins with a story.

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We connect with audiences.
We turn ideas into reality.
We have fun.

We’re an ambitious team of artists, strategists, brand-builders, and storytellers. Our goal is to create dynamic content that inspires and moves audiences of all ages to action.

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Breathtaking Visuals

If you’re going to do something, do it right. We craft attractive, visually stunning films. No fluff, no hype, no joke. Just pure beauty.


Impactful Messages

Set a goal and aim two steps higher. You need relevant, objective-driven content that aligns with your brand. We make it happen.


Driven Stories

Great stories create emotional connections everyone can identify with. We create powerful films that inspire audiences and build brands.


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Meet the Team

Brian Almalvez

Brian Almalvez

Co-Founder, Managing Director

Born & raised Chicagoan. Lover of food, technology, and anything dripping with good typography.

Jim Patrick Quindara

Jim Patrick Quindara

Co-Founder, Creative Development Director

Just a guy lucky enough to have picked up a camera. Driven by loud music and power naps.

Bryan Wright

Bryan Wright

Cinematographer, Editor

Someone with a good eye for a great shot. Loves the smell of a new camera in the morning.

Bryan Casallo

Bryan Casallo

Associate Creative Director

An artist who loves the story behind every frame. Born in the Philippines, raised in the temple of bokeh.

Shelton Brown Rious

Shelton Brown Rious

Art Director

A student of aesthetic excellence. Able to translate the vision of the team into a tangible, marketable product.

Freddy Cardenas

Freddy Cardenas


Lives to capture life’s moments. Enjoys shifting mental paradigms & grappling with what it means to be human.

Noah Evans

Noah Evans

Graphics/Visual Effects

Filmmaking prodigy. Is able to create and destroy entire worlds using only his fingertips.


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